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Gincana Barcelona y Team Building

We specialize in organizing Team Building activities for companies. Would you dare to come with your colleagues? Join your team for a day filled with activities, discoveries, challenges, teamwork, and have an incredible time.

Why engage in Team Building activities for companies?

Our Team Building activities for companies focus on fostering team building through activities aimed at improving interpersonal relationships.

Achieving business objectives not only depends on gathering the most talented individuals but also on ensuring that these individuals possess strong soft skills such as trust, teamwork, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, leadership, resilience, change management, among others. These are essential components of business success.

That’s why promoting Team Building activities is so beneficial for improving interpersonal relationships within the team.

Company Activities in Barcelona

Original Team Building Activities for Companies in Barcelona

Engaging in Company Activities in Barcelona is a simple and fun way to boost motivation for your entire team in Barcelona. The workplace pressure and daily stress faced by companies make it necessary to have processes that help motivate employees, enhance trust in the company, and involve them in the corporate culture. This will yield significant benefits for both the company and the employees. Enigmatic responds to this need in Barcelona by offering innovative Team Building activities in Catalonia.

Benefits of Engaging in Team Building Activities for Companies

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships."
Michael Jordan

Our team building clients​

The construction of solid, communicative, and organized teams is a fundamental part of our work. Our proposal for Team Building activities for companies brings values that will challenge you to overcome our RETO (CHALLENGE in spanish).






What type of Team Building activities do we offer for companies to build teams with ideal interpersonal relationships?

Looking for ideas for team building activities and events in Barcelona?

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Our "Secret in the Gothic" Treasure Hunt is an immersive experience where participants become collectors, and they must organize themselves, distribute roles and tasks to find the precious amulet lost in the Gothic quarter.

These Team Building activities will put leadership skills, decision-making, working under pressure, teamwork, and creativity to the test. Participants will have to immerse themselves in the eeriest and most magical legends of the old Gothic quarter, making it a Team Building experience for companies filled with mysticism and mystery. Learn more.

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Our "Cocktail Challenge" Treasure Hunt offers a unique Team Building activity for companies where we combine "the coolness of having a drink together" with the competitive spirit to win the challenge. In this Team Building activity for companies, we develop important aspects of teamwork such as time management, creativity, active listening, process management, and following instructions. All of this mixed with our positive atmosphere and camaraderie, where at the end of the evening, the most important thing will be to enjoy, laugh, and have a great time, savoring our own cocktail creations. Learn more.

Team Building Improvisación Teatral Barcelona, Improvisación teatral barcelona, Improvisación teatral en Barcelona

Improv teams

Uncover the Creative Potential and Hidden Talent of Your Company through our exclusive 'improvisational theater' workshop designed to promote teamwork. In this activity, teams will have the opportunity to delve into the world of improvisational theater under the guidance of an experienced professional. It's a playful and entertaining experience that includes games and dynamics designed to stimulate collaboration, creativity, and physical activity. This proposal represents an innovative approach to achieving goals such as improving effective communication, emotional intelligence, public speaking skills, the art of storytelling, and many other valuable skills. Learn more.

Benefits of Original Team Building Activities in Barcelona

Strengthening Bonds and Relationships

When employees feel connected to each other, communication flows more naturally, and collaboration becomes more effective in the workplace.

Improvement in Communication

Improved communication results in a more harmonious work environment and faster, more efficient problem resolution.

Stimulation of Creativity and Innovation

Original team building activities often require thinking outside the box and finding creative solutions to unexpected challenges. These exercises stimulate the mind and promote creativity and innovation within the team.

Reduction of Work-Related Stress

The relaxed and fun atmosphere of team building activities in Barcelona provides employees with a break from the daily work-related stress. Engaging in exciting and challenging activities allows employees to disconnect from work-related concerns and recharge their energies positively.

Development of Leadership Skills

Some team building activities involve assigning leadership roles within teams. This provides employees with the opportunity to develop and showcase their leadership skills in a controlled environment.

Motivation and Team Spirit

Team building activities in Barcelona create an environment where employees can celebrate achievements together and, most importantly, experience a sense of shared accomplishment. In conclusion, this enhances motivation and team spirit as participants feel valued and part of a group working towards common goals.

Team Building activities for companies are the most important investment a company can make for its employees. These activities promote strong bonds among individuals and foster a positive work environment.


Remember, the foundation of business success lies in having people who are happy in their workplace. Developing these types of activities is a powerful tool to build trust, mitigate conflicts, stimulate communication, increase collaboration, and boost motivation. Who’s in?

"Customers are not the first. Employees are the first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the customers."
Richard Branson
A base de 33 reseñas
Patricia Torres
Patricia Torres
5 Junio 2023
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Actividad muy entretenida, didáctica y divertida! La realizamos 25 personas para mi cumpleaños y nos lo pasamos genial! La persona de contacto y game master encantador y profesional! Un placer haber realizado esta actividad con ellos.
Jose Teixeira
Jose Teixeira
1 Junio 2023
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Awesome experience, great way to know Barcelona.
Jo Ma
Jo Ma
21 Mayo 2023
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Hemos hecho el juego de leyendas con la familia y amigos y lo hemos pasado muy bien, ha sido una forma muy divertida de conocer las leyendas
Elena Duran
Elena Duran
15 Mayo 2023
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Decidimos celebrar el cumpleaños de una amiga haciendo este tremendo juego. La verdad es que nos sorprendió muchísimo, nunca había hecho algo así al aire libre, aparte descubres callejones o historias del gótico que seguramente no sabías. Los monitores super atentos y cercanos, nos encantó, la verdad.
Rebeca Moral Escamilla
Rebeca Moral Escamilla
15 Mayo 2023
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Hicimos secreto en el gótico un grupo de amigos y yo por mi cumpleaños y nos divertimos mucho. Hicimos dos equipos y competimos entre nosotros. La verdad que nos gustó mucho porque a la vez que tenías que resolver acertijos aprendías historias de Barcelona que no conociamos y nos sorprendió mucho. La actuación del Vizconde estuvo genial y le daba emoción al juego. También, añado que se nos cayeron unas llaves en el último punto y nos dimos cuenta media hora después. Llamamos a Enigmatic por si ellos las habían visto y sí, las tenían y nos las trajeron hasta donde estábamos. Si pudiera darles 10 estrellas se las daría.
7 Mayo 2023
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Nos la pasamos súper, muy buena experiencia
Paloma Simonpietri
Paloma Simonpietri
7 Mayo 2023
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Gincana muy divertida! Tremenda idea para conocer secretos del barrio Gótico. La recomiendo tanto para “team buildings” como para hacerlo con amistades :)
Ale Graciano
Ale Graciano
28 Abril 2023
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Tuve la oportunidad de ir con mi empresa, al inicio no sabía muy bien que esperar porque no vengo de Barcelona pero he quedado encantada. Es muy interesante y divertido descubrir las historias de esa bella ciudad de manera dinámica! Súper recomendado si te interesa conocer de leyendas y pasar buen tiempo. Es también buena actividad para fomentar el trabajo en equipo. Muy recomendable!!!
Edison Da Silva
Edison Da Silva
26 Abril 2023
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De verdad que gracias a la actividad conoces detalles super interesantes del barrio que pasan desapercibidos, historias y curiosidades realemente interesantes. Y claro con los mejores anfitriones.

What You Should Know About Team Building in Barcelona

Team building is crucial for strengthening collaboration, communication, and cohesion within a team, which, in turn, enhances overall performance.

Consider your team’s interests and dynamics when choosing an activity. Opt for something that challenges and entertains everyone.

The duration varies depending on the activity, but most can be completed in 2.5 hours or a full day.

Absolutely! Combining different activities can create a more enriching and diverse experience for your team.

It depends on the complexity of the activities and your team’s dynamics. A facilitator can be helpful to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Ask for your budget

For your Team Building activity for companies.

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